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About Myself

✨ 3+ years of developing, strategizing and delivering cutting edge solutions within deadline. Optimizing, migrating and maintaining legacy applications with ownership.

✨ Always up-to date with the newest technology in the market with working PoC on side projects.

✨ Experienced with cloud technologies & data engineering techniques for any data intensive or ETL tasks.

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A suite of side projects which I work on weekends :)


Cedric is a Python library designed to streamline the process of setting up a Django application.

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Organize into topic-based tags where you can collaborate, share, and just talk about your day.

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Cogent Analytics

Start gaining the insights you have always wanted with our next-gen dashboards and data tools.

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Get cutting edge automation that boost your productivity & growth, saving your valuable time.

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Feel Good

Microsoft VS Code plugin that provide positive motivation whenever you feel tired or out of focus.

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Quick Doc

Microsoft VS Code that enables you to open and read documentation of the current programming language.

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Work Experience

Valuable experience with a
variety of clients.
July, 2021 - Ongoing

Blue Hex Software

Senior Software Development Engineer
Created, communicated, and managed project plans. Collaborated to create strategic initiatives to design, code, and test solutions. Effectively coded software changes and alterations based on specific design specifications. Applied and remained current with existing and emerging technologies. Worked to continually meet the expectations of stakeholders and users. Analyzed and designed new systems and applications.
Dec, 2020 - June, 2021

Bima Garage

Software Developer
Studied and analyzed Business requirements, shared the best optimal solution. POC for all end to end support and Full Stack Web Development for Bg Desk (functioning in all major hospitals for cashless claims services in around 10+ states). Wrote scripts to Sync/Migrate data from one Database to another using AWS RabbitMQ, Django Signals an DRF. Worked on internal and external projects with great care.
June, 2020 - Dec, 2020


Freelance Software Developer
Helped clients develop their applications and deploy them on AWS/Heroku with auto CI/CD features. Redesigned the infra architecture and set up AWS S3, EC2, and other instances for a client which served more than 10K users Migrated legacy Java projects to Django with improved business logic and REST API capabilities.
Dec, 2019 - June, 2020

Sears Holdings

Data Engineer Intern
Migrated data from old servers (Teradata, Mainframes etc) to Google Cloud Platform (Big Query, Spanner). Performed in-depth data validation on data from various suppliers across the world. Analyzed and Developed scripts to perform ETL(Extract, Transform, Load). Wrote queries, performed extensively on Google Big Query to fetch/retrieve data from Tables.

Tech I'm enthusiast about

Sometimes all I think about is you Late nights in the middle of June

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